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Release Management

Let us help you perfect your CRM system.

Nothing is perfect from the start, including your CRM system.
During the initial go-live phase, you will discover that there are additional requirements under live conditions.

Current user feedback is incorporated into the system, processes are adapted to new needs, new functionality is added, and usability and data quality are improved.

Similarly, with each new release, new and existing content must be aligned so that the new features do not cause confusion or uncertainty among your employees. 

The same is true for multiple roll-outs, whether within a single country or across borders.

We have experience with complex rollout scenarios and can help you manage global rollouts and tailor the rollout process to your organization's specific needs.

We work with you to ensure that new functionality in the CRM system is compatible with existing content, what changes this will mean for employees, and what group or country-specific issues need to be addressed.

We make your releases and rollouts a success.