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Technology & Services

We are your partner for successful customer relationships

Our consulting services help you with the digital transformation of your business. Rely on our years of experience to help you achieve your goals.

Customer Experience Technologies

Leverage new technologies for valuable insights from interactions with customers and prospects, informing robust customer strategies and enhancing retention efforts. Our expert consulting services guide you in selecting the right customer experience systems and ensuring successful implementation.


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Integration & Architecture

A well-designed IT architecture is critical to the seamless integration of all systems into an end-to-end CRM landscape. We use our years of experience to help you choose the right CRM software and integrate it into your existing architecture. We also assess which tasks your CRM system can perform to replace legacy systems and reduce costs.


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Rollout- and Release-Management

Leverage our extensive experience with complex and global rollouts, enabling you to strategically plan the content, timing, and precise technical implementation of releases for your CRM system.


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We help you reconcile complex legal data protection requirements with the operational needs of sales, marketing, and service, delivering a meticulously crafted, data protection-compliant solution tailored precisely to your unique needs and objectives.


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Change Management

Change management is critical to the success of your digitalization and CRM system. Through targeted analysis, communication, and training, we create a supportive environment for long-term digital customer management success.


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Offer & Contract Review

We thoroughly review your CRM contracts for unfavorable terms and proactively assist you in negotiating improved contract terms. 

By identifying potential pitfalls and assessing agreements for future impacts, our expert analysis helps you avoid unnecessary follow-up costs.


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Interim/Project Management

As experienced project managers, we ensure that your projects are successfully delivered, whether using agile, traditional or hybrid methods. We manage your external partners, focus on project goals and ensure budget compliance.


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A functioning CRM technology should run like a well-oiled machine to achieve the desired results.

Our consulting services can help you with your company's digital transformation. Rely on our years of experience to help you achieve your goals.