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Your CRM for staffing companies: less administration, more people management

An effective CRM system is essential for recruitment agencies to meet the complex demands of the business. In addition to managing client relationships, the needs of candidates must also be taken into account. A comprehensive candidate workflow, from initial enquiry to successful placement, is essential. Our CRM system selection helps you find the right system to meet your needs.

A powerful search engine is another important feature for providing your staff with promising candidates. However, many standard CRM systems do not meet the specific requirements of the recruitment industry. That's why our CRM system selection process is designed to help you choose the right system from the start.

We can help you apply AI technology to your recruitment to speed up and improve your process. You can optimise your recruitment process through automated candidate suggestions and workflow integration. 

We can also advise on workflow automation, including automated scheduling between sales and candidates.

Depending on the recruitment segment, you may also need to consider whether speed is critical to your success, for example if you want to provide your clients with good candidate suggestions as quickly as possible. In specialist recruitment, on the other hand, the profile of the candidate is becoming increasingly important and the focus is on quality.
Together with our clients, we have successfully developed workflows that are flexible enough to meet the requirements of the different staffing segments. 

At the same time, employees are guided through the workflow in such a way that the relevant key figures are automatically recorded in the system for your sales management. We also worked with the users to customise the search engine and improve the usability and, in particular, the UI design, so that the most relevant information is available quickly and with fewer clicks.

Rely on our recruitment CRM consultancy to optimise your workflow and provide the best possible support to your clients and candidates. We can tailor solutions to meet your specific needs and give you a competitive edge.

Recruit successfully - Manage complex recruitment processes with ease.

Further questions

What is a recruitment CRM system and why is it important?

A recruitment CRM system is a specialised software solution designed to make the management of client and candidate relationships more efficient. It integrates all aspects of the recruitment process, from initial candidate contact through to successful placement. Such a system is important because it helps to keep track of multiple candidates and client enquiries, automate workflow and increase efficiency. By storing and managing data centrally, recruitment agencies can work faster and more accurately, resulting in higher placement rates and greater customer satisfaction. In addition, a good CRM system enables the integration of AI technologies that provide automated candidate suggestions and faster matching processes, significantly improving the overall recruitment process.

What are the benefits of automating applicant management?

There are many benefits to automating applicant management. One of the biggest benefits is time saved. Automating processes such as sending confirmation emails, scheduling interviews and updating application status can save recruiters a lot of time. Another benefit is the reduction of errors. Automated processes minimise the risk of human error that can often occur with manual input. In addition, automation improves the consistency and traceability of communications with candidates, resulting in a better candidate experience. Finally, automation allows staff to focus on value-added tasks such as providing personalised support to candidates and clients.

Why is a good search function in the CRM system important for recruitment agencies?

A good search function in the CRM system is crucial for recruitment agencies as it enables them to find suitable candidates for open positions quickly and efficiently. Recruitment agencies usually have large databases with many candidate profiles. A powerful search function helps to search these databases and find the most relevant profiles based on specific criteria such as qualifications, experience and availability. This significantly speeds up the recruitment process and increases the success rate of the placement. In addition, a good search function improves the usability of the system as people spend less time searching for information and more time on value-adding activities.

How does a CRM system support the integration of different peripheral systems in recruiting?

A CRM system supports the integration of various peripheral systems in recruiting by acting as a central platform that brings together data from different sources. This includes integration with application platforms, email programs, social media, candidate profile databases and other relevant tools. This integration allows recruiters to bring all relevant information together in one place and manage it efficiently. For example, emails and social media messages can be captured directly in the CRM system and added to the relevant candidate and client profiles. This seamless integration improves data accuracy, reduces manual effort and enables staff to maintain a comprehensive view of all interactions and processes.