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Industry CRM Consulting: Your competitive advantage

Industry solutions

Our team has years of experience working with companies in a wide range of industries. We have successfully completed projects in over 25 industries.

This diverse experience has given us a deep understanding of the specific requirements and challenges that companies in your industry face. We understand that each industry has its own unique characteristics and that it is important to address them in order to be successful.


CRM systems enable consulting firms to provide customized information and services to their demanding clients, fostering strong relationships. CRM streamlines the sales process and project work through seamless communication and real-time feedback.


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Modern technologies such as customer data platforms and customer experience platforms enable individual customer relationships and personalized interactions in retail. An omnichannel strategy ensures a consistent customer experience across multiple channels.


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Financial Services

Financial services organizations face new challenges from digitalization and regulatory requirements. Rely on cross-touchpoint, personalized customer experiences, AI-driven customer journeys, and automated digital processes for greater efficiency and competitive advantage.


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In wholesale distribution, customer relationships are complex and long-term partnerships are critical. Having the right CRM system in place is critical to customer retention and satisfaction. Customer-centric CRM gives you a deep understanding of individual customer needs.


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IT industry

CRM systems help IT organizations optimize customer relationships, delivering superior customer service and driving sustained growth.. They enable targeted marketing, automated and personalized customer communications, and integration with help desk tools.


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Mechanical Engineering

CRM enables companies in the machinery and equipment industry to thrive in a complex marketplace. Efficient lead and opportunity management supports business initiation and order processing. Integration of CRM and ERP is one of the main keys.


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Public Sector

For federal contractors and the public sector, CRM is critical to managing relationships with customers and partners in the most effective and efficient way. Challenges include the large number of customers, privacy requirements, and the diverse needs of citizen.


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Human Resources

For staffing companies, a specialized CRM system with comprehensive customer and candidate mapping is very critical. By choosing the right system, integrating peripheral systems, and leveraging AI technology, companies can improve their recruiting and sales processes.


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Our in-depth industry knowledge allows us to provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

Further questions

What is industry-specific CRM consulting and why is it important?

Industry-specific CRM consulting is a consulting approach in which CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are specifically tailored to the individual requirements and characteristics of a particular industry. This is important because different industries have different customer needs, business processes and market conditions. A standardised CRM solution cannot always adequately cover these differences. Industry-specific CRM consulting ensures that the CRM system supports the specific business processes and requirements of the industry. This leads to greater efficiency, better customer service and optimised sales and marketing strategies. By customising the CRM system, companies can automate their business processes, analyse key data and make strategic decisions based on accurate and relevant information.

How can industry-specific CRM consulting optimise the sales process?

Industry-specific CRM consulting optimises the sales process by providing customised CRM solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs and challenges of the industry. This starts with analysing and defining the company's specific sales processes and requirements. A customised CRM system enables effective tracking of sales opportunities and better organisation of sales activities. By integrating automation and data analysis tools, sales teams can work more efficiently and make more informed decisions. The CRM system also provides a centralised platform for managing all customer interactions and data, improving visibility and collaboration between sales teams. In addition, industry-specific CRM consulting facilitates the implementation of quality gates, which divide the sales process into clearly defined steps and ensure that each stage is properly completed before moving on to the next. This leads to higher quality sales processes and faster response to customer enquiries.

How does industry-specific CRM consulting help with business process integration?

Industry-specific CRM consulting helps to integrate business processes by developing customised CRM systems that work seamlessly with other key business systems such as ERP, PLM and helpdesk tools. This integration enables a smooth flow of information and better collaboration between different departments. By centralising customer data and automating routine tasks, companies can increase efficiency and reduce errors. Integration also provides a holistic view of business processes, which improves planning and decision-making. Industry-specific CRM consulting ensures that all systems are aligned and meet the specific needs of the industry, resulting in increased productivity and better use of existing resources.

What is the role of industry-specific CRM consulting in sales?

Industry-specific CRM consulting plays a critical role in sales by developing customised solutions that optimise the sales process. By tailoring the CRM system to the specific needs of the industry, sales reps can track and manage opportunities more effectively. Industry-specific CRM consulting also supports the automation of sales activities, making routine tasks more efficient. It also enables better analysis and evaluation of sales data, leading to more informed decisions and more targeted sales strategies. Consulting also helps improve information sharing between sales, marketing, and customer service, improving collaboration and the overall performance of the sales team. Overall, industry-specific CRM consulting helps to optimise the sales process, improve efficiency and increase revenue.