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Human Resources

Staffing firms have unique requirements for a CRM system. In addition to clients, candidates must also be mapped. This requires the implementation of the entire application workflow, from requisition to placement, including the integration of all relevant peripheral systems so that the critical data is available to sales and recruiting. 

A good search engine is also essential to ensure that searches deliver promising candidates to your reps. Many CRM systems do not meet the needs of this industry out of the box. As a result, our CRM system selection process has been instrumental in helping our clients choose the right system for them from the start.

We also help you leverage AI technology for your recruiting efforts. We can show you how to make your recruiting process faster and better by, for example, automatically generating candidate suggestions.

We can also advise you on which steps in the workflow can be handled automatically by the CRM system, up to and including automatic scheduling between sales and candidates.

Depending on the staffing segment, you may also need to consider whether speed is critical to your success, for example, if you need to provide your clients with quality candidates as quickly as possible. If, on the other hand, you are looking to place experts, the candidate's profile becomes increasingly important and the qualitative aspect of the candidate is paramount.

Together with our clients, we have successfully developed workflows that are flexible enough to meet the requirements of each staffing segment. 

At the same time, employees are guided through the workflow in such a way that the relevant key figures for your sales control are automatically recorded in the system. We also worked with users to customize the search engine and improve usability, especially the UI design, so that you can get to the information you need quickly and with fewer clicks.

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