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Investments in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are usually very expensive. Therefore it pays to make decisions carefully considered. Therefore, the Käsehage & Lauterhahn CRM Beratung GmbH provides independent consulting services to ist clients, with extensive expertise in CRM and a strong background knowledge about the suppliers of CRM software and marketing technology.

Independent customer relationship consulting

Ingo Käsehage and Frank Lauterhahn have been working together in the CRM sector for around 20 years. They have gained extensive experience in IT aspects and classic customer relations topics like strategy, sales and marketing automation and customer loyalty activities. “We really enjoy CRM. This leads to a great engagement to provide sustainable projects,” says Käsehage, who explains his and Lauterhahn’s basis for their own entrepreneurial effort. As an independent consultancy with no ties to any software developer, but an all-around market overview, Käsehage and Lauterhahn receive many enquiries particularly for the topics of CRM requirements analysis and software selection.

Benefits of successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Benefits of successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM). © Andriy Lipkan

With the Käsehage & Lauterhahn CRM Beratung GmbH, clients are able to make an informed decision as the consultancy’s own rating system will reduce the uncertainty level involved in the different options. Yet Käsehage and Lauterhahn, who work in industries ranging from banking over automotive to retail companies and many others, do not stop there. Once a management decision has been made, the consultants support their customers in the implementation project. In that role, it is their objective to protect the interests of the client and to make sure that all aspects are implemented as planned. “The important core requirements need to be realised in accordance to the essential business processes,” declares Käsehage. For the customer, this close monitoring by the consultants is an added benefit itself that results in improved effectivity and flexibility levels and a sustainable sales growth at decreasing costs.

The Käsehage & Lauterhahn CRM Beratung offers expertise in the requirements specification and vendor selection for CRM software and marketing technologies.


Erfolgversprechende und umfassende CRM-Beratung aus einer Hand

Mit der Käsehage & Lauterhahn CRM-Beratung steht Ihnen ein unabhängiges Beratungshaus für sämtliche Aspekte des Customer-Relationship-Managements (CRM) zur Seite. Langjährige Erfahrung in CRM-Beratung, CRM-Strategie und CRM-Software machen uns zum kompetenten und verlässlichen Partner. Schlagen Sie mit uns den direkten Weg zum Ziel ein.


Unsere individuellen CRM-Lösungen tragen Ihren Ansprüchen Rechnung

Zielorientiertes Customer-Relationship-Management hat stets die größtmögliche Zufriedenheit und langfristige Bindung Ihrer Kunden im Fokus. Daher stellen Sie zu Recht hohe Erwartungen an die Planung und Umsetzung Ihres CRM-Projekts.